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Default are hisense brand lcd tvs any good

I was wandering threw my local Walmart earlier today by the tvs and noticed a hisense brand 42'' lcd tv for $397 that caught my eye. I have never heard of the brand before and was wondering if any of u have. It looked pretty good compared to the other brands in the size range and beat them by at least $100 or more price wise. I am in the market for a new tv very soon.
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I dont have any experience with a hisense brand tv, they do sell them in Australia as well, and quite a few people say good things about them. I think it is a chinese brand, but then most tv's are made in China nowadays. You cant go too wrong at $397
Personally I would never buy one, I watch tv all the time, so it is one area I dont want to skimp on. I go into the shop and see which picture I like the best and buy that one. So far I have always ended up buying a Samsung Series 6 model. I have one of these and they are awesome.
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I actually have done some fair amount of research on Hisense televisions. to be completely honest they are the cheapest. As ian said, I would not spend my money on one, Bur if that's all you can afford then go for it. I'm all about cheap prices. Most of the time faults are covered in short term warranty
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Like Ian said, go to the store and look at the TV's and let your eyes decide. I personally find Samsung TV's and monitors to be off, I prefer LG to anything else. So please go and actually look and take some time to decide and if this brand looks good and is in your range then go for it.
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From Googling them it also seems the company is owned, in part, by the Chinese government. That alone would keep me from ever buying one.

If you want something cheap, and good, get Vizio.
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Originally Posted by Motorcharge View Post
If you want something cheap, and good, get Vizio.
I totally agree with that, getting a 37" (maybe 42") vizio next month for the bedroom

37" -
42" -
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I am partial to Samsung, but as said above..Vizio is a rock solid brand, competitively priced, and they sell thousands and thousands of units north america wide
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